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Aim Statement

The TAO Product Management Community aims to create a network of product management professionals to share experiences, insights, and best practices. Quarterly events will inform members of the emerging trends, needs, developments, and strategies within the product management space.

Community Co-Chairs

Product Smita Menon Co Chair

Smita Menon

VP of Product


Product Maha Eakambaram Co Chair

Maha Eakambaram

GM & Sr. Director


What Makes Us Different?

Focus on multiple aspects of product management, keeping unique market needs in mind: 

  • Strategy 
  • Tools
  • Processes
  • Implementation frameworks
    • Business case development and Roadmap definition
    • Workflow diagrams
    • Personas  and Customer Journey Mapping
  • Hard and Soft skill sets
    • Leadership
    • Presentation
    • Research and analysis
    • Financial modeling
    • Project management

Who Should Participate?

  1. Product professionals who want to stay abreast of latest topics and developments in the product management field.
  2. Experienced professionals who want to address long term strategy and short term execution issues within their companies.

Roles & job titles may look like: 

  • Product Owner
  • Product Manager 
  • Strategy Manager
  • Senior/Principal/Technical Product Manager
  • Manager/Sr Manager/Director/VP, Product Management
  • Chief Product Officer

Want to get involved?

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