About TAO

Learn about the Technology Association of Oregon, a pivotal force in the Oregon technology community, championing innovation, collaboration, and growth in Oregon and SW Washington.

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Our mission

To foster an inclusive, innovative, and world-class economy for the Pacific Northwest.

Strategic Initiatives

Our focused efforts designed to drive technological advancement and foster a thriving ecosystem for the tech community in Oregon.

Deliver Extraordinary Value to Our Members

Our members are our number one priority when it comes to developing and delivering programs, services and connection opportunities.

We strive to bring together a membership that is diverse, inclusive, equitable and creates a sense of belonging across the region.

Drive Innovation & Digital Transformation

We support and foster innovation among our members, sponsors, government agencies, K-12 and post secondary education institutes and community partners.

We act as a convener, collaborator and architect to enable innovation and the digital transformation of all businesses in the region.

While we focus on these efforts externally, we are also internally motivated to embrace innovation and digitally transform TAO to be the model membership organization of the 21st century.

Build Economic Competitiveness

We believe in the power of technology to build an economically competitive region both through tech and tech enabled companies as well as with the service partners that support the industry.

We also recognize the role diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging play in economic competitiveness and support policies and initiatives that build a more equitable technology and innovation ecosystem.

What we do

TAO drives the regional tech industry, empowering entrepreneurs and fostering connections to position the Northwest as a global innovation hub. It helps companies of all sizes grow, network, support employees, amplify regional influence, and celebrate achievements.


We amplify your voice and bridge industry and government to drive policies that ensure the growth and success of the region's tech industry.


We bring the regional tech community together through in-person and online events to deepen relationships and build meaningful connections.


We shine a spotlight on the companies and people that power the region’s innovation economy and leverage our platform to promote the local tech sector.


We connect our members to resources to help their businesses grow and succeed through public and private sector partnerships.

Join our movement in the world of tech

Become a part of our mission to empower the tech community in Oregon and SW Washington.