TAO Learning Labs

Learning Labs offers programs tailored for tech professionals, from management essentials to leadership skills, facilitating peer learning across companies and customized team training. The programs are designed to equip technology employees, from rising managers to C-suite leaders, with the skills necessary for success in today's tech economy, through interactive workshops and practical exercises.

Management Essentials Program

Designed for seasoned and new managers, this program allows leaders to explore and build the vital management skills necessary to meet the increasingly challenging demands of a manager’s role in today’s environment. The Management Essentials Program combines expert instruction, real-world examples, engaging group exercises, individual assignments, and group coaching to rapidly build a leader’s competence and boost confidence in one’s ability to lead.

Virtual Leadership Program

Elevating leadership in the digital age, the Virtual Leadership Program empowers managers and leaders to thrive in virtual and hybrid work environments. Participants learn how to adapt their leadership skills to succeed in a remote environment with a program that offers a comprehensive and compelling skillset tailored to the digital age.

To learn more and sign up for a TAO Learning Labs program, email Tim Winner at tim.winner@techoregon.org

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