Virtual Lunch & Learn: Changing Your Strategic Plan in Crisis

Virtual Lunch & Learn: Changing Your Strategic Plan in Crisis

For better or worse, crisis situations are when Strategic Planning, Focus and Execution are more important than ever.

Organizations thrive or fail in fear based environments. The ones that thrive learn how to focus on what matters most to gain market share or increase impact in their ecosystem, and those who become paralyzed often fail. Sign off with a renewed sense of purpose on how to adjust your Strategic Plan to what is most important and provide team members with a sense of confidence that they will get through the most difficult of times.



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Carl Cox
CEO, 40 Strategy

We are called 40 Strategy™ because most organizations spend a mere 2% of their time on strategy - about 40 hours a year. As a result, many organizations simply do not have adequate internal strategic planning experience. Strategic Planning is what 40 Strategy™ does all day, every day! That’s why smart organizations engage our strategic planning expertise to support their teams with the proven practices and facilitation skills that extract the best thinking and build strong team motivation.

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