Using Open Source Intelligence to Reduce Risk

Using Open Source Intelligence to Reduce Risk

From significant weather events, wildfires, civil unrest, and a world health crisis, the threats facing businesses are only going to continue to increase in size and scale.For corporate security and safety professionals who are continually monitoring and detecting potential risks around their people and locations, open-source intelligence accelerates how organizations detect, validate, and respond to these threats. Using intelligence proactively is invaluable in reducing risk and informing decision-making, especially during emergencies. Technology Association of Oregon partnered with Swan Island Networks for an interactive webinar about identifying and monitoring risks using open source intelligence, your own internal intelligence, and tools to enhance your efforts. Attendees looked at emerging technologies that will greatly enhance this process in the next five years and how to find the best solutions to meet your needs.



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Pete O'Dell


Swan Island Networks

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Miranda Yearous

Director of Intelligence & Operations

Swan Island Networks


Swan Island Networks began as a software engineering lab working with the United States federal government, focusing on R&D programs. Early on, the company participated in a dozen contracts with government agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and a number of intelligence organizations. Each contract’s purpose was either to increase shared intelligence, enhance situational awareness or develop new models for information access and cyber security.

In 2009, Swan Island Networks remastered the situational awareness technologies and methodologies developed over years working in federal government R&D in order to serve the private sector, and launched TIES, the Trusted Information Exchange Service. TIES evolved to become TX360, the next-generation version of our solution that’s in wide use today.

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