Strategic Plan for Exit

Strategic Plan for Exit

It may seem counter intuitive for a business owner to develop an exit strategy, but it's very important to consider a plan even if you do not intend to sell your company immediately.By having a well-defined exit plan, you will also have a clear goal, and significant influence on your strategic decisions moving forward.But is it created transparently or does it need to remain a secret?Technology Association of Oregon and Carl Cox of 40 Strategy hosted a conversation about creating a Strategic Plan with the transparent view and the quiet approach.There will be similarities between each respective plan but attendees will have the chance to identify the one that will create the biggest value driver depending on their direction.FIND THE CONVERSATION HEREFIND THE STRATEGIC PLAN FOR EXIT DECK HEREFEATURING

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Carl CoxCEO40 StrategyABOUT 40 STRATEGYWe are called 40 Strategy because most organizations spend a mere 2% of their time on strategy - about 40 hours a year. As a result, many organizations simply do not have adequate internal strategic planning experience. Strategic Planning is what 40 Strategy does all day, every day! That’s why smart organizations engage our strategic planning expertise to support their teams with the proven practices and facilitation skills that extract the best thinking and build strong team motivation.

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