#STEMSpotlight: Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub

#STEMSpotlight: Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub

What is the name of your organization (hub)? Mid-Valley STEM-CTE Hub

Which region do you serve? How would you describe it? Linn and Benton Counties - largely rural with Albany and Corvallis as our biggest 'metro' areas

Briefly describe a few of your Hub’s current initiatives. Closing the Gap for increasing awareness of women in STEM and the Trades, networking for CTE teacher job-alike learning communities, building infrastructure for career-connected learning across the region, launching a STEM-CTE lending library for educators, and wrapping >300K of microgrants for educators and CBOs in response to COVID-19.

How can Technology Association of Oregon and its members support your work? PR and getting the word out is great. Reach out to partner with us!

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