#StartupSpotlight: Anil Kumar of RxHomeTest

#StartupSpotlight: Anil Kumar of RxHomeTest

What’s the name of your startup?

What’s your title?
Founder & CEO

In which city (or cities) is your company located?
Portland, OR

Describe your startup and its product/mission.
We provide health tests to support telehealth providers with simple, easy at-home testing.

What got you into launching a startup?
Startups provide a unique opportunity to impact society and our own lives.

What’s been the biggest challenge? Your proudest moment?
The biggest challenge has been learning many new skills while growing the business. The proudest moment is whenever a customer says how we have made a difference in their lives.

What are the short and long-term goals for your startup?
Our short term is to double the size within a year. Long term goal is to provide many more solutions for at-home care.

What’s your favorite thing about our region’s tech ecosystem?
Our region has lots of engineering and healthcare talent, who can be hired at a much more competitive cost compared to many other regions.

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