SnowShoe Introduces Contactless Fixed-Point Solution for Mobile Check-Ins with New Spark Tap™

SnowShoe Introduces Contactless Fixed-Point Solution for Mobile Check-Ins with New Spark Tap™

Contactless Mobile Authentication System Provides Safe and Secure Solution for Physical Check-Ins and Presence Verification

PORTLAND, OR — Portland-based SnowShoe, the leading developer of physical presence systems for mobile authentication, announces an industry-first contactless check-in solution. The new Spark Tap™ provides businesses with a Covid-safe and highly secure way of allowing customers and employees to check-in to a physical location with only their phones.

SnowShoe’s Spark Tap solution is a hands-free easy-to-use hardware component that can facilitate a loyalty check-in or reward a coupon without employees and customers coming into close proximity. The proprietary solution does not require batteries or electricity and can be sprayed off with alcohol or sanitizer. Unlike existing technology like near-field communication (NFC) and QR codes, the low-priced Spark Tap works out-of-the-box with any capacitive touchscreen, including all models of iOS and Android smartphones.

“Small retailers have the odds stacked against them these days,” said Steve Rowen, Managing Partner, RSR Research. “Solutions like this enable them to utilize their most powerful asset – the ability to spin up creative new features quickly and nimbly – in order to compete with the big guys. It’s a big deal.”

Spark Tap uses SnowShoe’s unique proprietary algorithm to authenticate each check-in event. When the Spark Tap stamp comes into full contact with a phone or tablet screen, the mobile device sees a proprietary pattern that is unique to a specific location and verifies physical presence. SnowShoe’s secure system uses this pattern to authenticate which Spark Tap was touched and then returns analytics and behavioral data securely to businesses for re-use.

“2020 was a challenging year for businesses that rely on physical interaction with their staff and customers,” said Ned Hayes, CEO of SnowShoe. “Spark Tap helps create safer physical environments so that business owners can continue to operate in a secure, unique and engaging way. Retailers can safely reward brick and mortar foot traffic and events and hospitality companies can securely authenticate location entry.”

SnowShoe’s solutions are already deployed to over 30,000 users worldwide, with 25 million check-in events facilitated by the Spark system to date. The addition of the Spark Tap product line promises to accelerate global adoption of the Spark system as a preferred check-in solution for retailers large and small.

The announcement of Spark Tap comes on the heels of this year’s release of the Spark Card™, the first IoT paper product for customer authentication. With these two new solutions, SnowShoe continues to lead the way in contactless physical event authentication, allowing businesses to be responsive to Covid guidelines without sacrificing customer engagement and location security.

Spark Tap’s use cases extend beyond retail. The SnowShoe solution is engineered to function in tandem with keycard entry and biometric authentication, creating a multi-factor verification system. On their own, biometrics can be faked and PINs can be hacked. However, Spark Tap delivers a secure physical point of presence that can't be spoofed and hardens security systems. The Spark Tap stand-alone system can be installed at every security location as a fixed check-in point, saving costs on personnel checks and expensive facial recognition equipment.

The Spark Tap is available now. Orders can be placed online (, via email ( and by phone (458.206.0567). More information is available at

Additional Spark Tap Assets

About SnowShoeSnowShoe is a Portland-based company that developed the first breakthrough capacitive touchscreen technology to capture and transmit unique authentication events. The company has been hailed for bold innovations in hardware design and pioneering technology innovations. SnowShoe’s technology is protected by 17 patents and multiple trade secrets. Distinguished by its proprietary technology and experienced team, SnowShoe has delivered solutions worldwide for enterprises interested in understanding consumer behavior and optimizing retail and event experiences. SnowShoe’s innovative IoT-based event marker bridges the last mile between digital identity and physical presence. SnowShoe solutions can be adapted to a wide range of loyalty and event applications for consumers and businesses.

Media Contact:Brendan HughesRH Strategic for SnowShoeSnowShoePR@rhstrategic.com206-264-0246

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