Resilience Shapes Reputation

Resilience Shapes Reputation

When people look back on 2020 and the challenges entering 2021, they’ll remember how companies responded and appropriately transformed their products, processes and customer care.

As a company and leader in the technology industry, YOU played a large part in that transformation by making customers aware of your special offerings, supporting issues that matter, and caring about the industry you serve. While the current challenges are disrupting the “norm” for everyone, many companies were resilient.

TAO and ReputationUS hosted an interactive conversation focused on how resiliency has enhanced the reputation of companies over the last year. And how, as we emerge from the pandemic and address the new challenges of 2021, there are new opportunities to explore and strengthen your company’s overall reputation.



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Casey BoggsPresidentReputationUsABOUT REPUTATIONUSReputationUs specializes entirely in reputation management and crisis response. Their team is driven to enhance, protect and defend the reputations of businesses and nonprofits. They specifically help assess and analyze reputations—internally and externally—and make sound recommendations on how to improve and protect images across multiple audiences and risk categories. If your reputation is impacted, they deploy their crisis management task force to mitigate against additional disruption.

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