ReputationUs Offers Help with Crisis Management

ReputationUs Offers Help with Crisis Management

During this unprecedented time, Technology Association of Oregon will be featuring the benefits and value that TAO member companies can provide to our greater community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Casey Boggs, President at ReputationUs, has created a number of services available to help the community manage the COVID-19 crisis.

TAO Member Company: ReputationUs

Give us a short intro to your business:
RepUs, a Portland-based crisis management firm and TAO partner, has extensive experience handling several major crises over the last couple of decades (e.g., 9/11, financial crises, natural disasters, infectious diseases, active shooters, major cyberattacks). This COVID-19 situation has all the makings of another crippling crisis. We’re here to help and have significantly reduced our rates during this critical time.

What resources can your business offer the community during the COVID pandemic?:
In response to the unprecedented and fast-changing national reaction to the coronavirus crisis, ReputationUs (RepUs) has implemented a designated and discounted array of rapid response services for TAO members, if needed.

How RepUs Can Help:

  • Critical decisions: While you are making very tough business choices, RepUs can assist with hourly, daily and/or weekly decision-making checkpoints and how to develop/deliver the messages accordingly.
  • Procedures: RepUs can assist with developing specific procedures on if/how/when to communicate with specific audiences, if/when issues escalate.
  • Timely communications: RepUs can draft and revise timely, relevant communications.
  • Task Force: For larger TAO member companies, RepUs can serve as the quarterback to assemble and direct your communications Task Force to deliver ongoing updates.
  • Anticipate Questions/Issues: RepUs can think through both near- and long-term issues and questions while offering counsel on how to potentially respond.

What is the best way for the community to get in touch?:
Contact RepUs for immediate support at or 503-946-8344

What's your favorite way to pass the time during self-quarantine?:
Puzzles with my now stay-at-home kids.

What's one thing that helps you stay positive or gives you hope during difficult times?:
Prayers…lots of prayers. Serenity now, please!

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