Portland startup wants software to take the tedium out of workflow

Portland startup wants software to take the tedium out of workflow

Everyone has aspects of their job that are menial, time-consuming and tedious. But what if we could skip these tasks completely, freeing up valuable brain space?

I sat down with the folks behind eLoomix, a Portland-based startup in the enterprise-automation space, to discuss their efforts to increase job satisfaction and free us from day-to-day bottlenecks, time sinks, and pain points.

During our conversation, the team dove into how their proprietary Computational Integration technology takes an “employee-first” approach to automation and seeks to find the best workflow balance between people and machines.

According to the team, this is a big departure from the common narrative about automation “taking our jobs.”

“This (integration) frees people to do activities only humans can do by taking away the rule-based procedural stuff that can be done automatically by assigning it to a machine,” said Dave Lawrence, CEO and principal founder of eLoomix.

“The difference between our technology and typical automation is we go straight to the source — the employees — and ask them what processes drive them crazy. Then, we take these insights and create programs that work for them, not the other way around,” he added.

Recently, eLoomix secured an exclusive license from Oregon Health & Science University to improve their workflows within the biomedical research domain. Already, the team has achieved an overall 25% reduction in labor costs in units that have adopted certain automation to optimize everything from administrative work, clinical and surgical processes, training modules and beyond.

But the eLoomix team doesn’t see their technology only being adopted within the health care space. Lawrence and team see this technology integration being able to change the face of workflow dynamics within any industry.

The company currently plans to bootstrap through the startup-up phase. In the near term, the team has plans to hire two senior software engineers in the Portland area.

This is part of a regular guest column written by the Technology Association of Oregon in the Portland Business Journal.

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