Online ADA Experiences Rapid Growth As Pandemic Amplifies Digital Accessibility Awareness

Online ADA Experiences Rapid Growth As Pandemic Amplifies Digital Accessibility Awareness

Local agency doubles customer base, maintains 100% member retention as 2021 shows effects of increased accessibility awareness during COVID-19 pandemic

Eugene, Ore., June 30, 2021 -- Online ADA, a leading digital accessibility agency based in downtown Eugene, has announced record growth throughout 2020 and into the first quarter of 2021, with a doubled customer base and a 100% member retention rate among several major milestones highlighting the company’s success.

An increase in digital accessibility awareness due to the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the company’s already steady growth. The past year of pandemic life prompted many people to rely on digital technology in order to complete essential tasks, such as purchasing groceries online or telecommuting to work during strict stay-at-home orders, and has helped shed light on the importance of digital accessibility.

As part of their rapid growth, Online ADA has achieved several major milestones during the pandemic, including:

  • Helping their 10,000th customer address their website’s accessibility
  • Maintaining a 100% member retention rate within the company’s Ongoing Compliance Management service
  • Establishing partnerships and working with major brands such as Walmart PetRx, Milani Cosmetics, California State Parks, The Government of Canada, Bank of America, Samsung, and LG
  • And most recently, doubling their Max Access customer base within the first quarter of 2021 alone

“The pandemic has made it obvious that society is much more digital than many of us realized,” said Shaylor Murray, Founder of Online ADA. “One good thing to come from our recent immersion into digital living: the awareness that everyone needs to be able access the tools and services the internet provides equally.”

Online ADA has seen growth across several avenues of service, most notably through their Max Access software, their accessibility certification process, and their Ongoing Compliance Management service. Each service provides accessibility solutions and support to businesses within various stages of accessibility, whether the company’s goal is to achieve a higher level of accessibility, to ensure full compliance, or to maintain a constant level of accessibility.

In the United States, the number of businesses addressing their web accessibility has increased dramatically over the past 3 years, particularly after the Supreme Court sided with a blind man against major pizza chain Domino’s. The case has caused the number of digital accessibility lawsuits to skyrocket, claiming that a company’s website or other digital content is inaccessible to users with disabilities. Online ADA anticipates their growth to continue throughout the rest of 2021 as digital accessibility awareness increases and the number of digital accessibility lawsuits continues to rise.

Digital accessibility is the process of removing digital barriers that prevent people with disabilities from using websites, apps, or other digital content.

By providing a high level of digital accessibility, a website will support a more equal and inclusive digital experience for all web users. Descriptive alt-text for images, accurate menu and page hierarchy for screen readers, and proper color contrast ratios are among many essential accessibility components that allow users to engage with digital content.

Despite 15% of the global population living with a disability, a recent study found that over 97% of website home pages are still failing accessibility requirements.

About Online ADAOnline ADA is a leader in the digital accessibility industry, specializing in software-as-a-service and accessibility certifications that are rooted in WCAG and ADA compliance. They help companies address accessibility issues on their websites and maintain compliance with ever-evolving accessibility requirements. Online ADA’s mission is to create a more inclusive, equal digital world and empower companies with the necessary tools to enhance their accessibility. To learn more, visit

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