One Page Strategic Plan

One Page Strategic Plan

Does your business have a strategic or written plan? If you do, when was the last time you actually looked at it?Most of the time, after writing these 20 page documents, they immediately start collecting digital dust in a folder on your server.Unfortunately, a strategy that is not regularly reviewed, understood, shared and implemented by the whole team is useless, as everyone will forget their original priorities as urgent problems approach and new opportunities arise. So, how do you keep everyone reading from the same page and ensure your original strategy stays on track?Technology Association of Oregon, Willamette Valley Consultants, and B2BCFO hosted a conversation about utilizing a living document called the One Page Strategic Plan. Participants were led through the eight interrelated concepts underlying the One Page Strategic Plan methodology so that they can apply them to establish and measure progress to achieve their goals. And learned how to view critical information such as targets, responsibilities, measurements, achievements, and issues quickly and create a road map that can be easily followed, instead of a plan with no real methodology.FIND THE CONVERSATION HEREFIND THE ONE PAGE STRATEGIC PLAN DECK HEREFEATURINGIntroduction


Javier RuizCEOCarzato&Site Rank SystemsPanelists

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Frank DanePartnerB2BCFO

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Gary LangenwalterPrincipalWillamette Valley Consultants

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Larry StroberPrincipalWillamette Valley ConsultantsABOUT WILLAMETTE VALLEY CONSULTANTSWillamette Valley Consultants, are dedicated to improving the lives of their clients. They do that by understanding goals and removing barriers that get in clients way. Their specialty is translating entrepreneurial passion and purpose into success. With offices in Portland and McMinnville, they ask lots of questions to help entrepreneurs, owners, executives and managers get unstuck, clarify options, and see and hear the present and the future with a different and experienced set of eyes and ears.

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