NobleHour Provides Volunteer Management Solution to Portland Companies

NobleHour Provides Volunteer Management Solution to Portland Companies

There is a growing trend among tech companies to offer their employees the benefits of paid time off to volunteer, and a Portland-based organization is here to help employers launch programs for their workforce and understand how they can engage local volunteer efforts.

I had the opportunity to talk with Allison Hale and Mike Calvo of NobleHour, an online volunteer impact solution to connect volunteers with opportunities, track and verify hours, and measure community engagement.

According to Calvo, Noblehour is aspiring to make Portland the number-one corporate volunteer city in the country by educating local employers of how to increase volunteer engagement through its NobleBridge initiative.

“We’re bringing together 50 community partners and 50 businesses across the region to come together and start building conversation around corporate volunteerism, and why it’s impactful, not only for the community at large but also for businesses,” says Calvo, Director of Sales Development. “Portland is ranked seventh, but as far as mobilizing the corporate workforce, there hasn’t been much momentum.”

Noblehour makes it possible for community partners, and corporations to connect by creating online profiles, and to post, and join volunteer opportunities. NobleHour's interactive mobile app lets users find and join community partners, and opportunities, and track their volunteer hours. While NobleHour's group management features allows administrators to track volunteer hours, and impact, manage communications, upload files, and create powerful reports.

"When NobleHour first came out to the market, we were almost exclusively K-12," explains Hale, Senior Director of Marketing. "Then as our users went off to college, NobleHour followed by offering higher education institutions NobleHour to track their service-learning. Now our original users have entered into the workforce, they're looking for companies that will help them continue to serve their community by offering volunteer time off (VTO). Thankfully businesses see the value in VTO, through recruiting, employee engagement and retention, team building, and plain good old PR. We want to help these businesses make the most out of their VTO programs, and to create meaningful community partnerships."

Founded in 2007, NobleHour is a Florida based company, and headquartered in Portland.

NobleHour is currently looking to award a grant to a nonprofit to help sustain engagement where nonprofits can find volunteers that align with their cause. NobleHour has already provided more than $1 million in grant funding nationwide to civic-minded organizations as a way to spark increased volunteerism. To learn more about how NobleHour may be of service to your organization, click here.

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