Mazama Media in Bend Continues to Grow with Demand for Social Media Marketing

Mazama Media in Bend Continues to Grow with Demand for Social Media Marketing

In today’s ever-changing digital age, connecting with customers through social media is a must to enhance brand awareness and generate and convert leads.

Mazama Media is a digital media solutions provider in Bend that leverages Google, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin--and primarily Facebook--to create engaging advertising campaigns for clients in automotive, e-commerce, and medical markets.

Bud Torcom, Mazama’s Founder & CEO, notes that his company serves as Facebook’s managed partner agency and sits on Facebook's Small Business Council, the only company in the world that does so. This enables Torcom and his team to take advantage of new advertising and ad platform technologies and algorithm changes before they are made publicly available.

“Our team is now getting a foothold into some larger enterprise clients like publicly-traded companies, and we hope to continue showing them success,” says Torcom. “The greatest threat we face is clients expressing concern over PR with Facebook. However, Facebook ads are still delivering significant ROI. This is reflected in Facebook’s current stock surge.”

Prior to Mazama Media, Torcom developed an app that launched locally in Bend. After advertising it across a variety of social media platforms, Torcom discovered that Facebook marketing generated the highest ROI, which peaked his curiosity for fully leveraging Facebook as a marketing tool. Torcom was then asked by a handful of Bend-based companies to manage their Facebook accounts, which led to Mazama Media’s inception in the fall of 2013.

Today, Torcom’s team of 25 consists of sales, HR, graphic design, data and account management professionals in Bend.

“Our team navigates the segment we should hit with the budget that we have so we can hit the right frequency and audience,” explains Torcom. “This process goes on repeat every week for all of our clients.”

Creating an anxiety-free culture at Mazama Media for employees is an important part of the company’s culture. Torcom embraces the notion that taking care of employees first correlates to employees providing great service to clients.

According to Torcom, “If you are active, the ability to go mountain biking, backpacking and skiing all within fifteen minutes allows for a better quality of life that helps set the tone for a greater sense of purpose. This town is growing quite a bit so hiring is not as much an issue as it was five years ago. The business community here takes care of each other.”

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