Keeping Up with Change: TAO Sales Community Event

Keeping Up with Change: TAO Sales Community Event

While business change is inevitable, the pace of change coupled with the uncertainty of the past 18 months has altered the way sales professionals work. According to McKinsey, the traditional in-person go-to-market strategy sales meeting decreased 55% due to the pandemic while digital interaction increased 69%. Furthermore, 89% of companies surveyed expect these pandemic-induced patterns to become permanent.

For many sales professionals, this move towards the digital future is challenging. While sales cycles may be more efficient, the lack of human interaction makes the transaction much less relational. How do you embrace the new world of sales to maintain existing relationships and cultivate new ones? Is your sales process more effective when you have fewer in-person meetings? Is technology contributing to or detracting from your selling efficacy and relationships with your customers?



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Andre' PetettFounder/CEOFundamental Fitness Labs

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Paige LakinBusiness DevelopmentAltSource, Inc.

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Angie GonsalezTerritory Account ManagerForcepoint

We work to foster an environment that brings sales experts together to share best practices, discuss new concepts, and advance skills. Join us to expand your network of sales professionals in Oregon and SW Washington!

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