Free Geek is Getting Technology to Those Most Impacted by COVID-19

Free Geek is Getting Technology to Those Most Impacted by COVID-19

During this unprecedented time, Technology Association of Oregon will be featuring the benefits and value that TAO member companies can provide to our greater community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hilary Shohoney shares how Free Geek is supporting impacted communities with technology needs during COVID-19.

TAO Member Company: Free Geek

Give us a short intro to your business:
Free Geek takes in used technology, refurbishes it and then gets it back out to the communities who need it most. Free Geek’s mission is to sustainably reuse technology, enable digital access, and provide education to create a community that empowers people to realize their potential.

What resources can your business offer the community during the COVID pandemic?
We are getting computers to those most impacted. Students (especially college students) still need devices to keep up with their schooling, new remote workers need access to laptops and many folks need a device to connect with a doctor. We're also working to make more and more of out tech education available online.

What is the best way for the community to get in touch?:
If you have tech to donate, email If you need a computer, email or call customer service at or (503)974-3414.

What's your favorite way to pass the time during self-quarantine?:
We don't have a cute answer for this right now...we've been working overtime to try to meet the need. Whether it is over the phone for those of us working from home or our skeleton crew on site. Our staff is very hard at work right now.

What's one thing that helps you stay positive or gives you hope during difficult times?:
We've been able to help so many people in the past two weeks and those stories give us heart. We were able to provide 80 computers to PSU students who needed them and most of the management team banded together to make that happen.

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