Blockchain Week Challenge

Blockchain Week Challenge

Last week, the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) hosted blockchain enthusiasts for a weeklong sprint, putting problem-solving skills into hyperdrive to leverage blockchain technologies for business and social challenges.

At the kickoff event on April 19 at Portland State University, seven challenges were presented by members of the blockchain community. Each challenge is listed below with a brief description of the project.

  • Work Ledger for Decentralized Hiring shortens the hiring cycle across industries by using blockchain technology for reference checks, educational and employment verification, skills assessments and drug tests.
  • The Human Trust Project creates a fiduciary trust built using blockchain to invest in profitable businesses addressing basic human needs and distributing the proceeds to all humans via cryptocurrency.
  • Tracking Assertions & Approvals in Clinical Research is dedicated to overcoming challenges and building confidence in blockchain technologies in the highly regulated healthcare industry.
  • The Little Block Book is a decentralized dating app built in the BlockStack ecosystem designed to bring authenticity back to the dating world.
  • Green Dai creates an ERC-20 token to purchase carbon offsets that when used will allow vendors to attract green customers that want to improve the environment by reducing carbon in the atmosphere
  • BlocCSR: Blockchain for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) enables blockchain technology to log all CSR transactions of an organization, tokenize those transactions and spend for a value exchange in the future.
  • Inclusive Localism utilizes blockchain technology to decentralize ownership of real estate.

The teams dedicated a week of time, worked with coaches and presented the solutions to a panel of judges on Friday, April 26 at Daimler Trucks North America. The judges--Jeff Gaus, Alpen Sheth (PSU) and Yelena Tanaomi (Daimler)--deliberated and decided that the best projects for further development are the Green Dai and Tracking Approvals in Clinical Research.

Congrats to our winners and participants!

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