Tim Winner

Tim Winner

Chief Operating Officer

Tim has more than 35 years of business and executive management experience, including opening and owning a bakery concept at age 23, which he successfully exited. This was the foundation for his love of business and the beginning of working with startup companies. Holding leadership roles in operations, human resources, marketing, and supply chain, and serving as CEO, President, and Chief Operating Officer in both profit and nonprofits like Hollywood Entertainment, Volunteers of America Oregon, School of Rock, Metal Toad, and Shadowbox Farms.

A seasoned executive with an eclectic background, Tim’s approach, energy, and passion make him a unique business leader. Challenging conventional methods, Tim’s practical, human approach creates results. Before joining TAO, Tim was an active member as the COO of Metal Toad and deeply appreciated the work and advocacy that the Technology Association of Oregon provides its members.

Tim and his family are active boaters and members of the Portland Yacht Club. They enjoy exploring the Columbian and Willamette Rivers year-round on their boat, the Winnertime.

Tim holds a degree in Culinary Arts from, The Western Culinary Institute.

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