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TAO Communities

Join other TAO members to build connections, gain practical and technical resources, share expertise and establish a unified voice for our industry.

TAO Communities are professional networks aligned with job functions in the technology industry. They are designed to help our members build connections, share expertise and gain resources as well as practical and technical skills. Becoming part of one of our Communities enables you to network with peers from companies throughout the state and establish a unified voice. 

In 2021 TAO is using a new structure to launch communities and will be relaunching several existing communities, plus a few new ones. Each TAO Community will have two dedicated co-chairs, a charter with a clear aim, and concrete ways to measure success. In addition to staying connected in their own group on Mobilize, a TAO Community will also host quarterly events open to the public. 

Interested in becoming part of one of TAO’s Communities? Connect with Elaine Hsieh.

Check out new ways to stay connected!

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Cybersecurity Community

Join this network of like-minded individuals in cybersecurity or technical roles working to improve cybersecurity awareness. This group will focus on supporting cybersecurity practitioners and businesses.

Data Analytics, Technologies, and Automation (DATA) Community

Join this network of data-driven individuals who are passionate about data analytics, science, management, governance, and leveraging automation to underpin effective business strategies.

People Community Call to Action

People Community

Join this network of professionals to share best practices, trends, and resources. This group is for anyone that supports people in their organizations and is interested in having candid and professional conversations.

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Pride Community

Join our community of LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies across Oregon’s tech and tech adjacent sector. We bring members together offering networking, mentorship, & professional development opportunities focused on helping members navigate the challenges unique to their experiences.

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Product Management Community

Join our newest group aimed to create a network of product management leaders with the goal to guide the next generation of product professionals and shape the landscape of this space. 

Tech in Color Community

Join Tech in Color, a community of BIPOC technologists that will foster diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging within the tech industry.  

Finance Community CTA

Finance Community

Join our group of like-minded financial professionals in the FinTech and tech adjacent space. This community is focused on sharing resources, best practices, and solutions for financial challenges.

Leader Launchpad CTA

Leader Launchpad Community

Join this inclusive group of peers and mentors that
empower ambitious leaders as they ascend the professional ladder. Whether you are just beginning your career, looking to transition, or want to give back through mentorship, this is the community for you! 

Sales Community Call to Action

Sales Community

Join sales professionals from regional tech companies or tech enabled companies to share best practices, discuss new concepts, and advance hard and soft skills.

Technologist Community

Join our group of like-minded individuals in technical roles and come together to expand knowledge and provide resources that help technologists in their current & future roles.