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PreAct Technologies

No matter how much advanced technology we put in our vehicles, car crashes are inevitable.

But injuries and deaths from those crashes are not.

At PreAct, we’ve built technology that can prevent over 85% of injuries and fatalities from car crashes by detecting these crashes before they happen and taking action during those precious milliseconds.

Our sensors and software make it possible to angle car seats away from the impact of a crash, deploy airbags earlier, and even raise the suspension just before the moment of impact, all of which can save hundreds of thousands of lives.

This type of technology has been considered the holy grail of car safety for decades, and at PreAct we have finally developed it by leveraging $100M of DARPA-funded military technology and adapting it for the 60 million cars sold every year.

And we can do all of this without adding a dollar to the price of the car because we create cost savings for the OEMs in other areas.