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Loopr AI Inc

Loopr is a platform for data labelling and turnkey AI models which enables retailers to increase revenue by providing a more personalized selling experience, manufacturers to reduce costs by automating defect detection in their products and healthcare organizations to provide faster and more accurate diagnosis by detecting and identifying diseases.

Loopr provides a cloud-based platform with semi-automated tools using which organizations can ingest and label raw datasets (text, image, document, sku) either themselves or by using our own highly trained team of Women annotators. Our platform is completely transparent so that the customer is always in control of the data and can track the progress and accuracy of the labelling in real time.

Loopr also offers pre-built and ready to use AI models for computer vision and NLP problems. So, organizations looking for an end-to-end solution can use the labelled datasets directly on our ready to use AI models and deploy it in the field. This way an organization does not need to spend time and resources developing their own AI models and instead just focus on integrating the ready models into their business processes.