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Our parent company, HospitaliYAY, LLC, is a virtual, lifestyle organization that drives success through a fun, collaborative, thriving, all inclusive, agile and growth minded culture.

HospitaliYAY’s flagship product, GOeConcierge, was launched July 1, 2021. This powerful, multi-purpose travel app, designed by travelers, for travelers, helps on the go pro’s stay organized, streamline expense tracking, and work more collaboratively.

GOeConcierge is perfect for:
– Finance & Accounting Teams
– Vacationers
– Group Travelers
– Road Warriors & Digital Nomads
– Bookkeepers & Other Essential Right-Hand Professional’s
– Telecommuters & Distributed Teams

Additional GOeConcierge Context:

Features include the following:

Easy Breezy Organization!
Import travel, expense and logistical information and you are on your way to seamless organization.
– Snap, drag and drop, upload or email forward to import information.
– Synchronize business and leisure information.
– Organize logistics, business activities and travel plans.
– Streamline the collection and reporting of reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses a variety of ways.

Collaboration At It’s Best!
Teaming up with work associates, friends or family and want to stay connected? We’ve got you covered.
– Jointly access critical information, travel confirmations, reservations, logistics.
– Inter-operably work from one master itinerary.
– Chat, leave notes and co-create lists.
– Map appointments, destinations and discover points of interest along the way.
– Import, share and export photos.
– Track, organize and report group expenses.

Expense Reporting Made Easy!
Upload expenses, log mileage, tag accordingly, and presto, your digital expense report is in the works.
– Capture costs as they occur to save valuable time and money.
– Standardize expense reporting and reimbursement across teams.
– Access and implement expense reimbursement accountable plans.
– Generate, review and export expense reports for reimbursement, tax, and invoicing purposes.