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Braided Data Solutions

Braided Data Solutions is an AI technology company that was created to address the challenges posed by large volumes of unstructured data in documents. The company’s vision stemmed from one of our founders, a medical doctor, who was overwhelmed by the enormous amounts of documentation, including formal medical records, emails, handwritten notes, and other data he needed to review and understand when engaged to testify at personal injury trials. This problem persists across many industries including legal and healthcare – massive documents that cannot be accessed or utilized in a cost-efficient manner. Braided Data’s technology uses the Machine Learning application of Artificial Intelligence to take large volumes of data and documentation breaking it down to identify the critical information and provide efficient access for users. This transforms costly and time-consuming challenges into simplified, streamlined tasks. Given society’s increased generation of and reliance on complex libraries of data, we see many markets capable of benefiting from Braided Data’s technology.