Power Pairing: Learning from Leaders featuring Julie Harrelson

Power Pairing: Learning from Leaders featuring Julie Harrelson

For the second Power Pairing event of 2021, Candace Beeke, Publisher & President of the Portland Business Journal, interviewed Julie Harrelson, Managing Director of the Cascade Seed Fund.

The event kicked off with a brief introduction of CEOX by Founder Luann Abrams. CEOX connects highly qualified female CEO-ready candidates to CEO and board roles. Then, armed with stats about women in leadership roles, participants completed a few rounds of one-on-one speed networking where event attendees could mingle and get to know one another.

Candace and Julie spoke about Julie's journey as an entrepreneur, investor, and community builder. We learned about the evolution of Julie's career and the incredible impact she's had on Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Julie also shared strategies that have helped her thrive and how she has overcome obstacles along the way. Check out the interview with Julie HERE.

The Power Pairing series will continue throughout 2021. Together, we will explore themes of leadership, identify and honor the unique qualities that women bring to the industry, and build lasting relationships with other women in tech. If you are interested in receiving invitations to future Power Pairing programming, you may join the list here.

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