I am Tech Oregon: Alex Hernandez

I am Tech Oregon: Alex Hernandez

In 2020 TAO began highlighting our members through a "Meet Our Members" series. Many of our featured guests were CEOs or members of the TAO Board of Directors. As we expand on this idea in 2021, we are excited to highlight the voices of technologists who may not be in the historic majority. I am Tech Oregon will feature these members as they share their career journeys, what they love about working in tech, and their tips for getting involved with the local innovation ecosystem.

From favorite moments to insights into the region's innovation economy, they are fun, engaging conversations from start to finish.



Alex Hernandez

Alex Hernandez
Senior Manager of Community Engagement & Talent Development

Alex (she/her) is a business development manager who specializes in building and running programs, managing teams, technical support, recruiting, and developing people in the tech and entertainment sectors. Alex has been at OpenSesame for 9 years where she was hired to build a world-class technical support team. Today Alex builds and runs programs that further OpenSesame’s vision of a world where EVERYONE can easily access the training (and skills) they need to advance their purpose. Join us to learn how Alex has built an amazing people experience at OpenSesame by driving the culture and growth of people and community through building and supporting world-class programs, recruiting, and fostering the best and brightest.

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