First Tech is here to help you prepare for job uncertainty in the tech industry

First Tech is here to help you prepare for job uncertainty in the tech industry

Unexpected job loss can be devastating, but there are actions you can take to protect your finances. First Tech Federal Credit Union was founded upon the philosophy of people helping people, and we have been helping people at some of the world’s leading tech companies navigate their financial futures for over 70 years, including preparing for times of job uncertainty. First Tech has a comprehensive program to guide you through job transitions in the tech industry. Our members can take advantage of a wealth of financial resources aimed at supporting tech employees during job transitions, including:

  • Financial education: Browse articles and videos with tips for budgeting, smart money moves,landing your next tech job and more. First Tech is a member-owner financial institution, and webelieve our role is to provide the resources necessary to help our members and their familiesmake informed decisions to improve their financial lives.
  • Financial calculators: When you need to plan for any fluctuation in your financial life, we havecalculators built to give you specific answers. Our financial calculators can help you make themost of your budget when your income is reduced, and plan ahead for your savings andretirement goals.
  • No-cost consultations: Meet one-on-one with our team of financial experts, either in person orvirtually, and make a plan for your short and long-term future. Our experts can offer guidance tohelp put you on a clear path forward.
  • Emergency assistance program: First Tech offers a special program to aid members that areexperiencing financial hardship. With loan payment extensions, emergency loans and otherindividualized financial support, we want you to know you’re supported no matter what lifethrows your way.

In the case of a job loss, you may have received a severance package, final paycheck, or a payout of any accrued paid time off. You may also have questions about your 401(k) plan and other investment vehicles, or you may be wondering about unemployment benefits. If you planned ahead, you could have an emergency savings account to utilize—and if not, you can make an emergency savings account a priority when better times prevail.Not sure what your next step is? Feel like you could be better prepared for a potential job loss? First Tech has resources to help you manage your financial future confidently, so you can stay on your feet and moving ahead with your financial goals while your next career move awaits. Make a plan for your professional and financial future by visiting our new resource page.

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