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Aim Statement

The TAO’s Technologist Community is a group of forward-thinking individuals committed to expanding their knowledge and technical acumen. This group will focus on discovering new trends and increasing awareness of engineering and technology. Quarterly events will provide educational and outreach opportunities, sharing of best practices, professional development, and networking.

Community Co-Chairs

Dahv Kliner

Dahv Kliner

Vice President, Fiber Laser Technology


David Sacoolas

David Sacoolas



Samuel Rugi

Samuel Rugi

Privacy & Cybersecurity Evangelist

What Makes Us Different?

While there are groups focused on specific technologies or industries, this group is focused on the role of technology in our community & society. In addition to technical applications, we also cover non-technical topics that make technology and technologists successful with an inward focus on helping each other and an outward focus on the surrounding community with the goal of real-world engagements with technology-field trips, not just speakers!

Who Should Participate?

This community of interest is best suited for practicing engineers and those in engineering leadership and adjacent fields or those curious about engineering as a profession. If you care about or are interested in technology, this is the group for you!

Job Titles may include but are not limited to:

  • Engineer
  • Developer
  • Product / Project Manager
  • Technical Sales & Marketing

Want to get involved?

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