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Sales Website

Aim Statement

Foster an environment that brings sales experts together to share best practices, discuss new concepts, and advance skills. Join us to expand your network of sales professionals in Oregon and SW Washington!

Community Co-Chairs

Andre Petett

Andre' Petett

Founder & CEO

Fundamental Fitness Labs

Angie Gonsalez

Angie Gonsalez

Territory Account Manager


Paige Lakin

Paige Lakin

Business Development

AltSource, Inc.

Samuel Rugi

Samuel Rugi

Privacy & Cybersecurity Evangelist

What Makes Us Different?

The group is focused on:

  • Sales Education
    • Best Practices
    • Mentorship Opportunities
    • Professional Development – advancement of sales skills
  • Community
    • Providing a space for individuals with similar roles and interests to meet and collaborate.

Who Should Participate?

Individuals seeking to:

  • Expanding their network
  • Enhance current or learn new sales skills
  • Share tips & best practices
  • Engage with others responsible for sales within the tech industry

Want to get involved?

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