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Data Analytics, Technologies, and Automation (DATA)

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Aim Statement

The TAO Data Analytics, Technologies, and Automation (DATA) Community is a network of data-driven individuals who are passionate about data analytics, science, management, governance, and leveraging automation to underpin effective business strategies. Quarterly events will provide opportunities to share knowledge, resources, and industry best practices.

Community Co-Chairs

DASL Neville Mehta Co Chair

Neville Mehta

Senior Data Scientist

Amazon Web Services


Matt Hawkins

Director, Data & Analytics Product Leadership

Cambia Healthcare

DATA Shawn Duffy Co Chair

Shawn Duffy

Practice Lead & Director

Baleen Data

What Makes Us Different?

This community is focused on leveraging data analytics and science to drive business outcomes, leadership strategies, repeatable/scalable processes, and positive change and adoption. This community will not focus on specific tools or solutions, technical best practices, or producing analysis.

Who Should Participate?

Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Data Architects, Data Managers, Data Governance Leads

Want to get involved?

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