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Data Analytics Strategy & Leadership (DASL) Community


Aim Statement

Create a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about analytic strategy, data management, data governance, and rolling out analytic programs at their companies in order to share knowledge, resources, and industry best practices.

Community Chairs

Leanne Shapro 
Business Analytics Manager, Smarsh

Matthew Mitchell 
Data Analytics Manager, Central City Concern


What Makes Us Different

The group is focused on:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Leveraging analytics to drive outcomes
  • Culture and adoption
  • Repeatable, scalable processes
  • Better quality data
  • Better decision making

The group is not focused on specific tools or solutions, technical best practices, or producing analysis.

Target Audience

People who care about:

  • The long-term goals of their analytics, not just the short-term, technical execution of a project
  • Industry best practices
  • Data management and governance
  • Culture and analytics adoption
  • Leveraging architecture and tools to realize vision

Roles & job titles may look like:

  • Manager, Business Analytics
  • Data Governance Lead
  • Data Management Leader
  • Manager
  • Operations
  • Senior Analyst
  • Information Architecture

Want to get involved?

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