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Workforce Diversity Program

Leverage the TAO Workforce Diversity program to tap into the power of diverse teams. 

TAO knows that a vibrant tech ecosystem includes a diverse workforce, and that attracting diverse talent means offering fair hiring opportunities to all job seekers.

Through a partnership with FairHire, Technology Association of Oregon members will receive a discounted rate on the Blind Hiring Platform, a next generation Applicant Tracking System that is known for its ability to tackle bias from the end-to-end hiring process.

Fairhire’s framework is designed:

  • to attract a high quality pool of diverse talent
  • to support member organizations to recruit new employees without bias

By embracing methodologies to remove bias from the end-to-end recruitment process, the technology industry within Oregon & South Washington will facilitate equal opportunities for diverse job seekers.

Why Blind Hiring?

On average, recruiters spend six seconds to review a resume and internalized bias plays an influential role in decision making during the recruitment process.

  • With FairHire, recruiters can focus on the candidate’s merit and not on biases.
  • Blind hiring has seen an increase of 58% in gender diversity at the interview stages.
  • FairHire can help unlock hidden talent pools whom would otherwise self-exclude themselves.

Level the Playing Field

  • Participating members will be provided with an enterprise version of FairHire Technology at an exclusive price.
  • Blind hiring practices, under scientific protocols, are carried out delivering the best outcome for the employer and candidates.
  • Experts from University of Bocconi Research Center (ICRIOS) will set up the scientific protocol and analyze the data periodically to identify barriers from achieving goals.
  • Every vacancy under this framework will be eligible for FairHire® certification to provide the stamp of confidence to the job applicants.

Sign Up With These Simple Steps

  1. Register HERE.
  2. A FairHire team member will schedule a call or meeting to discuss support needs.
  3. FairHire will provide product onboarding, support and vacancy publication.

For Further Information

Please contact FairHire for more information on the Technology Association of Oregon Workforce Diversity Program: 

Tel: (650) 855 4795