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Technical Services Program

Let the TAO Technical Services Program help you create dramatic digital outcomes with precision and a plan, aligned to your business.

TAO recognizes that as the Silicon Forest continues to explode with growth, the desired candidate pool is becoming aggressively more competitive. Save your company money and improve the level of service on your current recruitment and placement services.

Through a partnership with IGNW, Technology Association of Oregon members will receive a discounted rate on recruiting and placement services through the Technical Services Program.

What types of roles is the Technical Services Program able to support? IGNW delivers on 6 key practice areas of expertise. 

Not sure if your need fits under these categories? Let’s talk! We are happy to design a program that fits.

Accelerate Your Digital Priorities

Because IGNW has their own modern, Digital Solutions via a nationally renowned team, they manage a pipeline of hundreds of highly-vetted, available resources that can be at your doorstep today, saving you the time and frustration of sifting through endless unqualified resumes. It also means that if you really need that resource right now,  IGNW can deliver!

What’s their secret? Combine IGNW’s world class contemporary IT, software and cloud solutions with real working knowledge of large enterprise client requirements and an enormous pipeline of projects and resources and BOOM!  Rapid availability of the best resources anywhere, faster than you can imagine! Because of this, IGNW works with the most prestigious clients in the world.

Sign Up With These Simple Steps

  1. Register HERE
  2. A IGNW team member will schedule a call or meeting to discuss support needs.
  3. IGNW will issue standard TAO Technical Services Program MSA.
  4. Your IGNW Client Representative will facilitate candidate submittals directly via your preferred method of submission.

Commitment To Contractors

IGNW is a Full Stack Digital Transformation Company with a nationally renowned Resourcing & Staffing Division. Having IGNW represent YOU means that you have access to over 100 different clients nationwide, as well as access to a own bench of engineers, workshops/trainings, technical certifications and more!

  • Medical Benefits
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Flex Spending
  • 401(K) Retirement Plan
  • Pet Insurance
  • Continued education through workshops/trainings and technical certifications!
  • Assigned contractor care team to ensure our contractors are successful and happy in their role.
  • For more information on life as an IGNW contractor, please see Contractor Benefits

The result is more time for you to focus on running your business!

For Further Information

Please contact the Client Executive  for the Technology Association of Oregon Technical Services Program: 

Kelly Cronin
Client Executive 

5550 SW Macadam Ave 
Suite #320
Portland, OR 97239

Tel: 503-781-2544