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LifeExec Advantage Protect

Gain protection in your work life, home life, financial wellness, and everywhere you may be. 

LifeExec is proud to offer TAO members exclusive access to LifeExec Advantage Protect benefits.

Over 70% of job seekers name family security as their #1 concern. They want employers to offer better benefits that provide their families with protection. LifeExec Advantage Protect meets that need for the equivalent of $.14/hour.

LifeExec Advantage Protect Highlights
  • Identity Theft & Fraud Protection 

  • Roadside Assistance 

  • Global Travel Protection 

  • Financial Counseling

  • Tax Services

  • Legal Services & Documents 

  • Free Tax Returns

  • Free Advanced Directive

  • Free Credit Report

Additional Considerations

  1. Full Family Protection. Advantage Protect programs are available to the employee’s spouse and children under 26yo at no extra cost.
  2. FTE, PTE, Contractors. Employers can offer Advantage programs to employees regardless of status.
  3. Mix and match. Employers can sponsor or provide as a voluntary benefit. Advantage programs are offered month-to-month. No age or preexisting medical restrictions.
  4. #1 Life Saving Application. Any employer-sponsored program come with LifeExec’s patented life management solution. LifeExec was recently voted #1 lifesaving application and is used by the Fraternal Order of Police and Responders Health National Fire Fighters & First Responders. LifeExec is the only technology in the world that ensures critical information and benefits are available to users and key contacts during serious life events.

For Further Information

Please email: Click here to read an ebrochure with an in-depth explanation of benefits.