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Alertus Grant Partnership

Application Deadline has Passed

Technology Association of Oregon is excited to announce our new partnership with Alertus Technologies for a full emergency notification system offering ($50-$80K value) through their Grants Program. By partnering with Alertus on this emergency preparedness grant, we will expand access to a foundational element of ed-tech: school safety.

The Alertus Grants Program helps under-resourced organizations to better prepare for and respond to any circumstance with enhanced alerting tools. This program is an extension of the Alertus Desktop Donation program, which to date has provided over 700 non-profit organizations across the world with the Alertus Desktop™ Notification tool. In partnership with TAO, Alertus will be expanding their Grants Program to support colleges, K-12 districts, and non-profit organizations across Oregon.

About the Program 

As a pioneer in the emergency mass notification space since 2002, Alertus provides a diverse group of organizations with innovative solutions for emergency preparedness. Through the Alertus Emergency Preparedness Grant program, under-resourced organizations will gain the hardware and software solutions needed to effectively prepare for and respond to a crisis situation. 

The Emergency Preparedness Grant includes:

  • Software: Alertus Desktop™ Notification, Threatwatcher, and Mobile Applications.

  • Hardware: Up to 30 Alert Beacons (one per school) and 4 Activation Buttons ( District Level).

  • Support: 3 years of unlimited support and unlimited licensing, and 4 hours for implementation.

How It Works 

Interested school districts should apply for the Alertus Grant by 5 PM on October 31st. Priority will be given to high-risk and high-need organizations.

To apply for the grant, applicants must be a registered non-profit organization or a government entity such as a school, library, or public agency. 


Apply Here

For Further Information

Please reach out to Cara Turano with any questions.