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Merify is a community-powered, professional skills rating and enhancement network. Our technology brings quantifiable, verified, insightful candidate skill performance data to the beginning of the hiring process where none currently exists.

Our network compiles simple-to-enter, anonymous, quantitative data about a candidate’s performance on a per-skill basis sourced from their community of professional colleagues. The proprietary IP that drives the system intelligently interprets this data based on information about the reviewer and creates a constantly evolving set of data about the community. One review can potentially affect thousands of candidates’ profiles.

Recruiters and hiring managers get something that currently doesn’t exist: a trustworthy, insightful, and bias-free look at a candidate based on their true merit, not their personal branding efforts or where they went to college. Rather than tossing the proverbial job post fishing net into the vast candidate ocean, a recruiter can rely on verified candidate skill performance data provided by Merify. This ensures their searches only produce candidates who have already proven their aptitude for the desired skill set.

Candidates get an accurate and effective way to promote what they can do, the ability to see how their skills translate to other careers, and an insightful, nurturing look at their opportunities for growth.