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Circle Media Labs

It began with three dads at a kitchen table. They wanted a better internet for their families—one that let them steward their kids’ online experience both in the home and outside of it. We envision a world where families can set healthy limits, find balance, and build lifelong habits to get the best out of their digital experiences, rather than being consumed by them. Our rapidly growing team, with offices in Portland, OR and Cypress, CA, is redefining how families connect, grow, and flourish in an increasingly digital world. Today, Circle is a category leader in online screen time management and digital parental controls. Our flagship product, Circle Home Plus, is the most comprehensive solution to manage content and time online for Wi-Fi devices at-home and mobile devices across all networks. Circle software is also available through subscription on NETGEAR™ routers, T-Mobile® FamilyMode™, and Sky Broadband Buddy (UK). Circle’s mission to make families’ lives better, online and off, is fueled by investment from Atlanta Seed Company, Relay Ventures, Third Kind Venture Capital, and strategic partners including some of the world’s largest digital communications providers: NETGEAR, Sky, and T-Mobile US.