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Virtual Leadership Program – TAO University

Virtual Leadership Program
Elevating leadership in the digital age, the Virtual Leadership Program empowers managers and leaders to thrive in virtual and hybrid work environments. Participants learn how to adapt their leadership skills to succeed in a remote environment with a program that offers a comprehensive and compelling skillset tailored to the digital age. In the program, participants will learn to:

• Adjust your leadership style to cater to the unique needs of virtual and hybrid team members

• Monitor and manage performance without falling into the trap of micro-managing

• Foster a virtual team culture that inspires innovation and productivity

• Drive performance, engagement, and retention of remote talent through strong
communication and trust

Interactive Learning Sessions:
Program participants will attend the following 90-minute live virtual sessions:

1. Effective Virtual Leadership: Master the principles and mindsets of effective virtual leadership and set the stage for success.

2. Communication & Collaboration in a Virtual World: Unlock the secrets to seamless communication and collaboration, ensuring that your virtual team operates at its full potential.

3. Virtual Performance Management: Learn how to manage performance in a virtual environment, elevating your team’s capabilities and efficiency. Recognize the red flags of disengagement in remote team members.

4. Building Virtual Teams: Discover the key elements necessary to create high-performing virtual teams that achieve extraordinary results.

5. Leveraging Emotional Intelligence to Lead Virtually: Harness the power of emotional intelligence to lead with empathy, insight, and influence in the virtual realm.

Small Group Coaching:
Our program goes beyond theory, allowing participants to immediately apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios. After each session, participants practice what they have learned on the job and then join a small group of peers in in a coaching session to get personalized coaching to help fine-tune approaches and plan for further skill building in that area.

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Jan 17 2024


10:00 am - 6:00 pm