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Leading with Cultural Intelligence: Workshop Series for HR & Hiring Managers for 2022

Culture can be defined as a shared set of beliefs, values, assumptions and behaviors that distinguishes one group from another. In this course, we will take a broad view of culture to understand cultural differences at play in the workplace including differences in race/ethnicity, age, gender, religion, and more.
This course is designed for leaders at all levels, who are looking to take the next step in their personal development. Participants will walk away with a detailed action plan for practicing and growing their Cultural Intelligence. Participants will also be able to apply the lens of Cultural Intelligence to shape effective diversity, equity, and inclusion practices within their organizations.
What is CQ? The Cultural Intelligence Scales provide valid and reliable measures of a person’s ability to function effectively in culturally diverse situations. CQ research has been peer-reviewed and published in over seventy academic journals, across a wide variety of disciplines. CQ was developed based on Ang and Van Dyne’s (2008) four-factor extension of Earley and Ang’s (2003) original three-factor conceptualization of Cultural Intelligence, which itself is based upon Sternberg’s multiple loci of intelligences.

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Sep 07 2022


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm


Professional Development,
Talent & Culture,
Virtual Event