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Last Chance to Mentor an OSU Senior Capstone Project

Mentoring students on a Capstone Senior Design project is a great way to do outreach and do something positive! Project ideas are due Sept. 1. What will your project be?

Our goal is to seamlessly facilitate the student’s transition from Oregon State University to the engineering profession. All undergraduates in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science complete a three-term course sequence (October-May) to expose students to the challenges of engineering design and project management. This career preparation experience includes open-ended design, project management, quality project artifacts (schematics, code, etc.) and documentation, and production of a final prototype in small team environments.

These projects culminate in the high-energy Engineering Expo in May where students present their Capstone Senior Project posters and demonstrate their prototypes. The annual event routinely attracts thousands of people, including industry representatives.

We need you!
Each capstone project has at least one mentor. These mentors come from a wide array of backgrounds — including non-technical fields. Our program has had mentors from industry, national labs, non-profit and community organizations — anyone can be a mentor. The only requirement is that you care about your project, and your student team, and are willing to meet with the students for at least one hour per week.

Share your project ideas with our class. 

The event is finished.


Sep 01 2021


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