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Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley is the top agricultural region in the state and the most diverse agricultural producing region in the world. Willamette Valley farmers produce more than 170 different commodities ranging from grain, grass seed, nursery products, and Christmas trees to fresh produce, hazelnuts, cattle and sheep. One of the most unique features of agriculture in our region is the presence of all parts of the agriculture value and supply chains which led to a 2-year project focused on building a Northwest Ag Innovation Hub. As part of the Hub, the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) and SEDCOR will host a series of regional events and relationship-building activities to further develop an ecosystem around agriculture and innovation – a regionally specific, industry-driven approach that puts local farmers at the center.
Building on the success of 2020’s inaugural ag innovation design sprint, please join TAO and SEDCOR to spend a week in a farmer-driven, collaborative challenge focused on agricultural technology and innovation. The Ag Innovation Challenge aims to bridge the divide that exists between rural and urban communities and, more specifically, between growers in the region and the broader, local tech community. We hope to design, develop and ultimately prototype scalable solutions that would solve regional agricultural challenges, make Oregon agriculture more competitive and foster an environment of entrepreneurship for the region’s growers.

A design sprint is a unique five-day process for validating ideas and solving big challenges through prototyping and testing ideas. In five days, a design sprint will help you to:

  • Understand: Map out the problem and pick an important area to focus.
  • Ideate: Sketch out competing solutions on paper.
  • Decide: Make decisions and turn your ideas into a testable hypothesis.
  • Prototype: Hack together a realistic prototype.
  • Test: Get feedback from real live users.

The TAO design sprint framework leverages challenges defined by the community – in this case local farmers – with assets from the public sector (data, technology platforms, public infrastructure and small business incubation), and the technology industry (technology solutions, experts, entrepreneurs and funding).

And while we would love to host everyone in person, the TAO team provides guidance, coaching hours and platforms to deliver a solution in five days, all remotely and online.

Sign up as a participant, coach, volunteer or an attendee to leverage design thinking to create solutions to empower a more inclusive, innovative region with an emphasis on agriculture innovation.

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Feb 24 2021 - Mar 03 2021

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