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Zipcan: Customers are in love with this embeddable video chat platform.

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Zipcan, an embeddable video chat platform, is the fastest way to enable video chat inside a website or application.

July 2021: Feedback is the best guide that can help startups get insights to outline a path forward. One may have a fabulous product, but they’ll lose customers if the customer service is unsatisfactory. A good business needs to provide a great product and excellent customer service to earn happy customers. Today, Zipcan is overwhelmed by customer feedback for its outstanding product and customer service. 

Zipcan, an embeddable video chat platform, is the fastest way to enable video chat inside a website or application. The no-code approach makes Zipcan faster to implement and easier to manage, unlike API tools available in the market. Product owners just have to copy + paste the code into their website without any technical skill sets. Moreover, the customers love Zipcan as its embedding features make connecting it with existing web experiences easy. 

Businesses can stop sending their users to third-party video chat services with Zipcan. They can simply engage their customers in context with their content. “There’s a lot of opportunities to create new product experiences using quick video chats for customers.” Said Miles Romney, CTO, eVisit. The digital healthcare platform was looking for a robust solution that makes healthcare as convenient as everything else for their patients. They collaborated with Zipcan and are delivering convenient virtual healthcare services successfully. “Tools like Zoom and Google Meet don’t work when you want customers to engage in context. Zipcan’s great expertise helped us get a new product to market faster and save on engineering time,” says Miles. 

Fritz Brumder and Spenser Lea have an extensive background in building every type of video experience. While working on streaming video, recorded video, and real-time chat, Fritz and Spenser realized there were only two types of products. The first one was stand-alone experiences like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. The second one was very customized developer-oriented API solutions like Agora,, and Tokbox. They decided to bridge the gap and develop a comprehensive solution that gives any product the full power of video collaboration.

Entrepreneurs, scaling startups, and established companies are all on the mission of generating revenue. Zipcan helps businesses drive new revenue. “Zipcan made it clear how we could leverage the momentum in video conferencing to add a new service offering and drive new revenue in our business. The Zipcan team is professional and passionate. They want your business to succeed and are always willing to lend a helping hand to get you there.” – Lauren Cecchi, co-founder, Signathon. 

Zipcan offers button, iframe, or NPM module connections to standard tools. Moreover, it empowers customers to configure how their button looks and adjust where the video initiates. “I was really surprised (and pleased) how easy it was to configure and theme Zipcan so it matches our application. Then the dynamic rooms feature made it scale. Zipcan advanced our app much faster and took out the headache of building with a video chat API.” – Jonathan Pierce, co-founder, Evnts Group. In addition, Zipcan allows users to set the video in the lower right, right-sidebar, or as a modal overlay. 

“Product owners were struggling to scale video APIs faster. We wanted to revolutionize this space with a no-code solution to help our customers add video chats to their websites and applications in a few seconds. Moreover, we wanted to provide a configurable and embeddable solution that’s easy to use with all skill levels.” – Fritz Brumder, CEO and Co-Founder, Zipcan. 

One of the leading apparel companies, Levi’s, recently created a 360 video virtual showroom for their retail customers. Levi’s collaborated with Zipcan to add real-time video chat in every 360 virtual showroom. Zipcan made it feasible for merchandisers to chat live with the retailers and provide them with an experience like never before. “Zipcan is something that you gotta see,” says Mike, a Senior Manager from Levi Strauss & Co. The company wanted to get social interactions with their customers and decided to use Zipcan. 

“We tested the new technology Zipcan, which allowed us to embed real-time video chat into our 360-degree experience right into the room. Our customers who participated loved it. Zipcan is easy and fun. It helps people get out of their digital mind and connect while in a website environment,” says Mike, Sales Operations – Sr. Manager Events, Levi Strauss & Co. 

DispatchJustice, a platform that provides on-demand advocate services during a traffic stop, immediately starts video recording and notifies a lawyer to join. They required a robust, quick, and trustworthy solution to provide one-to-one video calls. The video chat feature is the backbone of their product, and the users can even face legal problems if it doesn’t work seamlessly. They trusted Zipcan dynamic rooms and got great results. Today, people use DispatchJustice seamlessly to protect their rights. 

Zipcan is all set to launch itself on Product Hunt on 15th July 2021. 


About Us:
At Zipcan, we are driven to develop and launch new products that enhance human interaction. Our expert team strives to offer the best communication solutions at competitive prices with the help of our latest technologies. 

HQ Address: Zipcan, 19466 Kemple Drive, Bend, OR 97702
Contact Number: 503-752-2540

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