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ZEDRA Partners with Global Class Podcast

ZEDRA Partners with Global Class Podcast

I’m thrilled to announce our partnership with the people behind 10X Innovation Lab and their new Global Class Podcast

This podcast lets us listen in on conversations with the best and brightest international business leaders, taking a deep dive into what makes a company truly ‘Global Class’ and what it takes to be an international entrepreneur (‘Interpreneur’).

International is the new agile
The pandemic has changed the game completely for companies wanting to be successful, and operating on an international scale is the new agile. Talent is everywhere and can work from anywhere and markets are more open than ever before. 

Who better to educate us on new models and mindsets than the international leaders behind the some of the best global businesses? 

Co-creators Aaron McDaniel and Klaus Wehage spent hundreds of hours interviewing over 100 international executives who have led successful global expansions for some of the biggest brands out there.

Truly Global Class
Taking stories from top companies like Apple, Google, Airbnb, Zoom, Slack, Square and Amazon, Global Class brings together a blueprint for global business success in a way no one has done before. Aaron and Klaus also share some of the pitfalls and missteps to avoid for aspiring global business leaders. 

In the first episode, Abe Smith, Head of International at Zoom, shares his fascinating journey from his early days of teaching English in a rural Japanese fishing village to honing his craft in international sales at a bagel company, to now leading one of the fastest growing companies in the world as it expanded throughout the globe. 

Abe shares a look at his personal leadership style and decision making process in an industry that never sleeps, and Aaron and Klaus also explore Zoom’s incredible growth.

Jennifer Yuen, current Head of Americas for Airbnb, is featured in the second episode and discusses her origins as a second generation Australian-born Chinese woman and how that’s influenced her to be a global citizen. She also mentions some of the traits that someone should have in order to be a truly successful global leader and digs deeper into what Airbnb is up to now. 

Each consecutive episode holds new pearls of wisdom for founders, executives and future operational leaders as they build their careers in a world that has never been more connected. 

I am so pleased to be working with such incredibly knowledgeable and experienced international experts and can’t wait to hear the rest of the interviews…and read the book out next spring! 

Brieanne Runsten is VP of Global Expansion at ZEDRA Group. To learn more about how ZEDRA helps companies expand and scale internationally, please contact her at +1 415 215 6019 or email

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