When to Pay Ransomware & How to Avoid It

When to Pay Ransomware & How to Avoid It

Cybercriminals are fueling near continuous news coverage of governments, universities, healthcare systems, and businesses brought to a screeching halt by ransomware. Caught unprepared, these organizations are then forced into an uncomfortable cost-benefit analysis: Cough up the ransomware payment or endure the damaging impacts of downtime and data loss.

It’s not always an easy choice.

But it is an important conversation.

Technology Association of Oregon and Arcserve hosted a Virtual Lunch & Learn focused on giving your business the upper hand against cyber criminals on Wednesday, June 10th from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm.

Attendees had a chance to engage in a dialogue, as painful as it might be, on how they can ensure they are prepared to respond in the face of a ransomware infection or—better yet—avoid it altogether.



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Margie Archer
Territory Account Manager

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Ahsan Siddiqui
Director of Product Management

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