What is a Reverse Pitch?

What is a Reverse Pitch?

For our upcoming 2022 Commerce Chain Summit in June, we wanted to provide some examples for what a reverse pitch in preparation for the event. You can check below for 3 great examples of what will be happening June 7th.

Platform Connecting Funding to Environmental Remediation Projects

We have a lot of data/analytics showing which projects would generate the greatest amount of environmental benefit for the least cost. Analytics are not a problem—we’ve cracked that code. What is a problem is how best to connect available resources to those highest environmental benefit/lowest cost projects that best utilize funding. This is included in a patent we own, and we have begun to scope the building of this product.There are many different sources of funding for environmental remediation efforts. These include federal, state, municipal, corporate foundations, family foundations, etc. We need a "clearing house"--some sort of platform that can bundle and direct different sources of funding for environmental remediation to those projects that would produce the greatest benefit.As an example, a landowner who wants to buy irrigation equipment should be able to access "Dealer Financing" via their local irrigation supply company. As part of this process, the landower first needs to find out whether any of their fields might qualify for available funding. Using current systems, in the best case scenarios, where a project like this eventually manages to figure out what grants & financing it might qualify for, it often takes two years before the project can get going. To make the kind of impact we need to make to address the environmental challenges we face, we need to be getting these projects going in 60 days.Pitching Organization: The Freshwater Trust

Oregon Digital Safety Net

The Oregon Digital Safety Net is a new concept for a statewide, not-for-profit, cloud-based platform of digital communication services to support marginalized populations within Oregon. People using the services would receive long-lasting phone numbers, email addresses, post office box numbers (tied to mail scanning services) and bank account numbers that would be usable over time, and not be tied to physical devices, addresses, or economic relationships with providers: these evergreen numbers and addresses would enable people to be reliably reached by employers, landlords, social services agencies and to participate more fully in our economy.

Pitching Organization: ORDSN Collective

Supply Chain Transparency and Compliance

The Provenance Chain™ Network’s (PCN) mission is to become The System of Evidence for product origin and pedigree stories. The PCN creates 3 value streams for our customers using digital disclosure:

  1. Operational efficiency in the supply chain through visibility
  2. New customer/consumer experience
  3. Simpler compliance with regulatory oversight.

The PCN operates across multiple industries including:

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Manufacturing & Industrial
  • Food & Beverage
  • Footwear & Apparel
  • Consumer Products.

The company is building an ecosystem of Provenance Chain™ Services which will be a comprehensive set of chain/web services for product information that can be:

  1. submitted to the network, or
  2. extracted from the network.

The Provenance Chain Services will support the needs of individual companies as well as third-party applications. Examples include the recently released Gaia Gadget™, which is an environmental application that inserts: weather, water, and air quality data into the network to marry this data with agricultural products as they travel through the food supply chain. Another example would be the Safe Food Gadget which allows third-party food inspectors to insert inspection reports to the network on particular companies, facilities, or processes.The PCN is interested in identifying and supporting ideas that will enhance the interactions among commerce partners throughout supply chains in the above industries with more robust data about the creation of their finished goods and the processes to distribute the product. In doing this, any claims or requirements can be fulfilled with digital evidence, thus enhancing the network value to all participants.

Pitching Organization: The Provenance Chain Network

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