"Vacilitation" - Managing Your Team Strategically in a Virtual World

"Vacilitation" - Managing Your Team Strategically in a Virtual World

In less than three months, the 3% remote workforce has skyrocketed past 50%. And with team members all over the city, state - or across the nation - organizations are challenged by the logistics of effective strategic planning.

Vacilitation is the new balance of facilitating your strategy in a virtual world. Because when not mired down in the daily office grind, you and your team have the ability to bring a fresh, clear perspective to your strategic planning and get things done.

Technology Association of Oregon and presenter and Carl Cox of 40 Strategy presented a Virtual Lunch & Learn on Thursday, April 23rd from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. focused on bringing strategic management back to your organization to help you successfully navigate to a new future on the other side.


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Carl Cox

CEO, 40 Strategy


We are called 40 Strategy because most organizations spend a mere 2% of their time on strategy - about 40 hours a year. As a result, many organizations simply do not have adequate internal strategic planning experience. Strategic Planning is what 40 Strategy does all day, every day! That’s why smart organizations engage our strategic planning expertise to support their teams with the proven practices and facilitation skills that extract the best thinking and build strong team motivation.

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