Transition & Exit Planning - The Why, When, and What

Transition & Exit Planning - The Why, When, and What

A business transition or sale is the most significant financial and personal event of an owner's professional life. As a multi-disciplinary endeavor that involves protecting assets, growing value, transferring a business, and assuring business continuity, transition planning often exceeds the expertise of any one advisor or owner.

Technology Association of Oregon partnered with Ideal Business Transition Solutions (IBTS) for a discussion with experts on business-exit strategies on Wednesday, September 30thwhere attendees learned how to navigate the process from true life examples that will help protect your life’s work.

The IBTS team provided an interactive virtual event full of information and ideas on the value of planning ahead to maximize financial return, preserve, and grow your legacy, and strengthen your organization.



Suzanne Hanifin, President - Acumen Executive Search


Karen Anderson.jpg

Karen Anderson, Director of Business Development - Acumen Executive Search

Nick Blankl.jpg

Nick Blankl, Managing Director - Consilium Wealth Advisory

Layla McClean.png

Layla McLean, Attorney - Buckley Law

ABOUT IDEAL BUSINESS TRANSITION SOLUTIONSIdeal Business Transition Solutions (IBTS) is a ready built team of business transition advisors that guides thoughtfully planned transitions to protect you and your family’s financial future and legacy. An effective Transition Plans take years to execute. The IBTS team gets owners and management organized, develops transition options, communicates to all stakeholders, formulates a leadership strategy and develops transfer strategies.

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