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Technology Association of Oregon Launches Remote Work Guide

Remote Work Guide


Portland, Ore. — June 7, 2021— The Technology Association of Oregon (TAO), in partnership with CENTRL Office and Mastercard, today announced the launch of its Remote Work Guide, a digital publication designed to help small business owners navigate the ever-changing landscape of remote work. The publication features a myriad of products and services offered by TAO member companies, plus helpful articles about everything from managing remote teams to the ergonomics of a home office. 

“The Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we work and for many small businesses, remote work is here to stay,” explained Skip Newberry, President and CEO of TAO. “The contributions of small business owners are invaluable to our region’s innovation economy and we hope this guide will help those businesses survive and thrive.”

The shift to a virtual workplace has exposed many small businesses to a higher risk of cyberattack. As a response, Mastercard created the Trust Center, a resource hub to help small business owners gain the skills to defend themselves against cyber threats.   

“The adoption and expansion of digital services for both home and work have grown significantly during 2020 but so have the potential threats to doing good business and retaining trust,” said Paul Trueman, Senior Vice President of Product Advancement, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions at Mastercard. “Technology Association of Oregon’s Remote Work Guide provides practical advice for businesses of all sizes to help mitigate the cybersecurity risks associated with their remote workforce. Mastercard is pleased to provide free cybersecurity education, resources, and tools for small and medium-sized businesses through the Mastercard Trust Center, which is accessible through TAO’s Remote Work Guide.” 

“Cybercrime is escalating as fraudsters increasingly take advantage of small and medium-size businesses’ cyber vulnerabilities,” said Ron Talwalkar, Mastercard’s Director of Product Management, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions. “The onset of the pandemic exacerbated the problem as hackers put their crosshairs on the largely unprotected small business community, especially those with an expanded digital footprint. Being a native Oregonian, actively involved in helping to raise cyber awareness in the community, I am very excited to see this partnership between the Technology Association of Oregon and Mastercard.  The education, awareness, and solutions will provide a much-needed set of arrows in small and medium business owners’ quiver.” 

Another workplace shift brought about by the pandemic has been the increasing use of flexible workspaces instead of traditional, brick and mortar offices. Employee demand for flexibility is higher than ever, and businesses such as CENTRL Office that offer multiple types of workspaces have stepped up to offer creative solutions for small and medium businesses alike. 

“We’re seeing many companies struggling to plan their return to the office after the pandemic subsides. The reality is, the office isn’t going away, it’s just changing,” said Alex Hughes, Co-Founder, CENTRL Office. “We chose to sponsor TAO’s Remote Work and Learning Guide because we feel CENTRL is in a unique position to contribute perspective and expertise to companies looking for solutions that support the varying needs of workers, whether it be full-time, part-time, or one-at-a-time space to focus, collaborate, or both.”


About TAO:

TAO is a local nonprofit working to build opportunities, better our economy and unify a voice for innovation in Oregon and beyond. A recognized leader in shaping and growing technology and business communities, TAO empowers businesses and entrepreneurs through networks, events, advocacy, resources and more. With over 475 member companies, TAO’s network brings together some of the largest companies in the world, small startups, and tech-enabled companies that are using technology to drive growth and innovation. For more information, please visit

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