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Techlandia Summit Day Three: Climate + Environment

Techlandia Summit Blog Post

Hosted virtually from Portland, Oregon, the Techlandia Summit ’21 is a series of programs designed to foster collaboration on focused topics that deliver better community outcomes through improved infrastructure and quality of life, efficient service delivery, sustainable and equitable growth, and long-term resilience.

Participants and thought leaders explored ways to improve the shared health, wellbeing, security, and prosperity of citizens through the deployment of data-driven and regionally appropriate services. This collaboration took place during a daily keynote and panel. The topic of Day Three was Climate + Environment, with a focus on the intersection of technology solutions for energy systems in a decarbonized economy: data center strategy, blockchain technology, human-centered design and funding mechanisms.


Strategic Energy Management

The global pandemic has shaped the way tech companies mitigate environmental impacts across their infrastructure construction and operations. The energy use of tech applications, computing systems and data centers is a crucial strategy in how tech companies are taking a leadership role in sustainability and our climate crisis.

Facebook’s Global Data Center Sustainability Manager, Jonathan Rowe, discussed Facebook’s approach to operating hyper-efficient data centers supported by renewable energy and extending decarbonization efforts into their global supply chain in the coming decade.




Software, servers, systems, sensors, and science: Facebook’s recipe for hyperefficient data centers

Achieving our goal: 100% renewable energy for our global operations

The next decade: How Facebook is stepping up the fight against climate change

How Facebook kept the lights on when the world went remote



Jonathan Rowe.jpg
Global Data Center Sustainability Manager

Interconnected Human-Centered Design and Energy Systems

Tech-enabled and human-centered design plays a crucial role when dealing with projects or issues central to a decarbonized economic future. Creating a solution that not only involves stakeholders and helps reach sustainable goals, but that also effectively uses technology and resources.

The Techlandia Summit Climate + Environment panel explored energy systems, blockchain technology and funding models that fuel a more interconnected and resilient community.






Sally Bell.jpg
VP and Executive Director, Southern Willamette Valley


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